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The Origins of Nasuni

Nasuni founder and CTO Andres Rodriguez was focused on the massive potential of cloud before anyone called it cloud. He deployed what we’d now consider a cloud service while CTO of The New York Times in the early 2000s, then founded object storage pioneer Archivas. In 2007, when Archivas was acquired by HDS, Andres turned to a bigger question: What if you could move files to the cloud?

Files were doubling in size and number every year. Companies were constantly running out of capacity on their NetApps and other traditional Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices. Even today, the global NAS market stands at $23 Billion, but traditional file infrastructure was – and remains – broken. Andres saw that even though traditional storage had some solid features, it lacked the agility and scale that modern enterprises would need to thrive. The days of traditional NAS were numbered, backup had become a burden, and a tremendous market opportunity awaited the company that could develop a new approach to storing and protecting files.

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