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Designing innovative rack and server solutions for our clients Worldwide.

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Our full in-house design engineering team with server and rack configuration and deployment experience working with many of the world’s most trafficked websites and companies.

In-house design also affords the ability to rapidly design parts for immediate use in Manufacturing, ensuring any specific build stays on track. Our team has 20 years of innovation and invention in the server chassis, server cabinet and Data Center industry.

All our integration solutions incorporate many “behind the scenes” innovation and design that support the complexities of delivering turn-key racks world-wide. Some are simple, like shelf supports utilized at the bottom of server stacks to minimize server deformation and sagging, or upper and lower stabilization brackets to securely hold valuable net gear vertically, during long distance shipping.

Some are more elaborate, like our custom PDU brackets, which allow easy to see access to critical PDU LCD display information while eliminating power cord overlap that can trap redundant PDUs, allowing for easy “Live rack” PDU swaps, all while accommodating easy rear component removal, such as server nodes or hot-swap power supplies. Then we have more complex designs, like our Vertical Exhaust Duct option for rear Hot Aisle Containment, which optimizes airflow through the cabinet, while allowing easy lines of sight through the Duct’s windowed door to view important rear of rack visual information such as Power Supply and Networking LED status, and generous step through access through the Duct’s door to the rear of the rack, when rear components need replacement.

We specialize in Design-to-Order at both the unit level and rack level for computing equipment. We have assembled an experienced team of systems engineers who work closely with our customers to understand their technical business and data center requirements for computing, storage, and networking configurations.

On a design project that is unique to your requirements, we give you the option of owning the design. Talk to us about your custom rack enclosure requirements.

We Provide

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Product Design

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Data Centers

Rackmount Servers

  • 1U server
  • 2U server
  • 3U server
  • 4U servers

Storage solutions

  • GPU computing solutions
  • Twin servers

Go servers



  • Edgecore
  • Mellanox



  • Hard Drives
  • Barebones


  • Chassis
  • Network Cards
  • CPUS
  • Heat Sinks
  • Hard Drives
  • Cables
  • Solid State Drives



Each component that goes inside the system is tested before use. We perform this test to ensure it exceeds our quality standard before using it and integrating into the system.


Our talented engineers run the burn-in and stress testing to warm up the system components prior to being placed in service.


We have assembled the team of software engineers to automate the process of the test cases and load the custom images in the system to complete the appliance.


Based on your forecast we help you to evaluate and analyzes your component requirements. We provide inventory monitoring, planning, control, management and volume flexibility for your appliance. Our ERP system provides you access to real-time inventory tracking for your components and products.


We make the best effort to assist each customer in finding the correct products to improve their server abilities through quality products, outstanding customer service and a warranty program that can give your business the peace of mind it needs to run at its best performance. We have 3 different types of warranty options.

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